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    Nationally Recognized Real Self Top 100 Matthew Richardson, MD is fellowship-trained in both Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery and Hair Restoration Surgery. Born in Dallas, Texas, his extensive medical education and training includes experience at Texas A&M University, The University of Texas Medical School in Houston, The University of Mississippi Medical Center, The University of Alabama at Birmingham, and The Rousso Facial Plastic Surgery Clinic through the American Academy of Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery.

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    How Long After Hair Transplant Surgery Can One Comfortably Go out in Public?

    If the hair is harvested from the donor site using the strip method, the sutures are left in place for 10-14 days, but this is often covered with other hair that is left longer (particularly in women). Again, a loose-fitting hat can be worn after a few days, and most patients are comfortable going out in public at that point.

    One month after FUE what to expect?

    One month after a hair transplant, many of the grafted hairs will be shedding or will have already fallen out. The follicular root will remain in place and start to generate a new hair shaft within 3-6 months after surgery. Patience is key.

    I'm 20, is it possible to stop hair loss and regrow my lost hairs ?

    Early hair loss in patients with a strong family history of hair loss is not uncommon. After an evaluation with a hair restoration specialist to rule out other medical issues that may be causing hair loss, multiple treatment options exist for young patients with hair loss.

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